15 Podcasts I Can’t Live Without

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My Top 15 podcasts

A few years ago, I couldn’t imagine WANTING to get up and go to work in the morning.

No job in the world could make me want that. I could be hugging puppies for a living, or getting paid to test chocolate and I couldn’t imagine having that level of enthusiasm to get up, get ready and go to do work.

But when I started a new job earlier this year everything changed. I got excited about my journey to work. But not because of the job itself (sorry boss),  I was excited because now that I could walk to my office, I finally had time to listen to podcasts again.

Podcasts are my favourite form of media (one that I’m considering getting into myself) because you’re completely captive whilst listening. As there is a wealth of podcasts in existence, there are infinite opportunities to learn something new, discover new interests and develop existing ones. Marketing podcasts have helped enhance my professional skills more than anything else.

I spend about two hours every single day walking and listening to podcasts and have experienced tons of hours of broadcasting across a range of subjects from marketing to law and crime to economics. Every day I’m coming across a new show and adding it to my favourites. So, as my boyfriend, family, friends and colleagues are sick of me ranting about these podcasts that you HAVE to listen to, I decided it would be a best (for my loved ones at least) for me to put all that passion in a blog post and list my absolute top picks.

My Top 15 Podcasts

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1, 2 & 3. Serial/ Undisclosed/ Truth and Justice

First on the list is kind of a triple whammy, as these podcasts cover the same topic. You’ve probably heard of Serial, the podcast which put podcasts into the spotlight when it was released last year. Serial covered the possibly wrongful conviction of 17 year old boy, Adnan Syed for the murder of his ex girlfriend Hae Min Lee in Baltimore, US.

The story of Adnan’s injustice (he’s been in jail for 17 years for a crime he probably didn’t commit), swept the globe and when Serial ended, two spin-off shows began, following up on the case and trying to solve the mystery. Truth And Justice podcast mainly covers theories behind the case and Undisclosed covers the legal side of the story. Undisclosed has broken such new ground and uncovered new vital evidence, and as a result Adnan was recently granted a motion to reopen his case, meaning that it’s very likely he could walk free very soon.

I genuinely live for Undisclosed and Truth and Justice podcast and I relisten to episodes of Serial pretty much every day. Even if you’re not interested in true crime, or law or human rights, I guarantee this story will move you.

Serial – Series 1, 12 episodes, approx 45 mins long. Series 2 launching this Autumn covering a brand new case.

Undisclosed: Weekly, Monday at 11pm, approximately 1 hour long.

Truth and Justice: Weekly, Sunday 3pm, approximately 45 mins long.


4. Women Of The Hour

This is a new podcast, by Lena Dunham and produced by Buzzfeed. It’s like a feminist variety hour, bringing you stories of women discussing different aspects of their lives including: career, gender, sexuality, friendship, motherhood. I’ve only listened to a few episodes and I’m already hooked. If you’re a fan of Girls or Lena Dunham you’ll love it.

Episodes times vary. Approximately 1 hour long.


5. Good Life Project

When I’m in a crappy mood, this podcast is my little injection of hope and happiness. Interview based and hosted by the ridiculously lovely Jonathan Fields (I want to hug his face), you’ll meet tons of inspirational figures, leaders and entrepreneurs just talking about their lives and what makes their lives good.

Episodes last 45 minutes.


6. Duct Tape Marketing

From one of the world’s most successful digital marketers, John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing features interviews with authors, experts and leaders and presents some excellent, top level business and marketing advice that motivates me to always think bigger.

Episodes weekly, approximately 25 minutes.

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7. Mortified

Think of the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you. Then think thousands of people hearing about it and cringing and laughing at you. That’s basically what Mortified is. It’s weekly interviews with people reliving their most mortifying life moments. It’s torturous but brilliant all at once.

Weekly episodes, approximately 20 minutes long.


8. Content Warfare

This is the one which got me into podcasting and for any content marketers or bloggers, this is a must listen. You’ll get great insight into the art of creating dynamic, successful content and hear excellent and enlightening interviews with the best of the best in the industry.

Weekly episodes, length varies.


9. Social Pros

This podcast is my go-to for social marketing info. Hosted by Eric Boggs and Jay Baer – two of my favourite marketers, the show features interviews with leading social media strategists. I learn so much from this show, I’ve nearly caused multiple road traffic accidents by trying to listen, type notes in my phone and walk at the same time. As well as being informative, it’s hugely entertaining too and is digestible to those who have zero knowledge of the industry.

Weekly episodes, approximately 45 minutes.


10. Fresh Air

This is a weekday magazine show, hosted by Terri Gross and features intimate conversations with a variety of prominent visionaries across art and entertainment, journalism and news. It has been broadcast on public radio since 1987, so has a huge following in the US. I recently listened to incredible episodes with Gloria Steinem and Sarah Silverman which I have been recommending flat out to anyone who will listen.

Weekdays, 45 minutes long.


11. Magic Lessons

Like The Good Life Project, Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert just makes me feel good. I like to start off my Monday mornings with this podcast which consists of inspiring thoughts and motivation with Liz (author of Eat, Pray Love).

12 episodes, lengths vary.

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12. Zero Lives Left

My only local Northern Irish podcast on the list is from digital guru Wayne Denner and covers careers, business and marketing. I love his interviews with known regional figures. It has helped me learn about the people within my community and my industry and I’ve jotted down quite a few marketing tips along the way too.

16 episodes so far, length varies, average 35 minutes.


13. The #AskGaryVee Show

When I started my new job, my boss gave me a copy of Gary Vaynerchuk’s book ‘Jab, Jab, Right Hook’ and it soon became my digital marketing bible. Gary himself is an eccentric character who I’m a tad obsessed with. I follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat and this podcast basically gives me more access to him (call security…). On the podcast, he answers follower questions about marketing and responds like only Gary can. You’ll know what I mean when you listen,

Weekly episodes, length varies.


14. SEO 101

For SEO beginners this is gold. It very cleverly lays the foundations of SEO without overwhelming you with terrifying marketing jargon and tech speak. Even if you’re an SEO whizz it’s still a great resource for reaffirming your knowledge and getting back to the basics.

Weekly episodes, 46 minutes exactly.

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15. Seth Godin’s Start Up School

Everyone in business or marketing knows Seth Godin. Or you should know him. He’s an incredible man and thought leader and has formed many ways that we market in the modern world. In this podcast, he live records workshops with entrepreneurs to help them build their dream business.

15 episodes, length varies from 16 minutes to 38 minutes.

I hope you liked my podcast guide. And if you found it interesting, don’t forget to share.

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