My Career As A Magazine Editor With Tara Craig

career as a magazine editor
My Career As A Magazine Editor – With Tara Craig I dunno about you, but I LOVE hearing about how other people got started in their jobs. Mostly because I’m nosy AS HELL, but also because I love to hear their how they achieved their successes and learn the journey of their winding career paths. I love getting an insight into someone’s life, the experiences they’ve had, the choices they’ve made and the
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Make Up Artists – How to Get More Clients With Facebook Marketing

If you’ve every tried to pursue a career as a make up artists you’ll know that it’s TOUGH. It’s tough to stand out in such a competitive industry. It’s tough to create a unique identity for yourself and it’s tough to market yourself online and on social media. Recently I have received a ton of enquiries from make up artists who want a little but of help when it comes to digital m
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Seven Women I’m Obsessed With

I love being a woman. I love everything absolutely everything about it. Well… apart from periods obvo. I’m pretty lucky because I was raised by a kick-ass feminist mum who didn’t let me think for one second that being female was in any way a disadvantage. Thanks to her, I have lived my whole life with the firm opinion that having male genitalia is not a superpower and I fully believe that I can create the
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