My 2017 Goals – Professional and Personal

my 2017 goals

I know that a lot of people find these kind of posts to be a bit wanky. And, instinctively, I too think it’s kind of arrogant to declare to the world all the things you want to achieve this year – like who cares?

But then the New Year rolls around and I end up reading hundreds of these kind of posts, getting filled with ideas of things I’d like to achieve over the next twelve months.

Some of my favourite bloggers like Katy Belle, Retro Flame and Kate La Vie have put together great 2017 goals posts that have really motivated me to get this year off to the best possible start.

So I thought, what the hell, I’ll contribute to the pool and share mine too. Even if you don’t find them to be as motivational as I kind of hope them to be, at least by having a list of goals published on the internet, I can hold myself somewhat accountable at the end of the year.

Professional goals for 2017

2016 was a fairly good year for me professionally. I got my own little business off the ground with some fun freelance digital marketing jobs and exciting speaking gigs. Although I had these dreams of being my own boss, when it came to it, I sort of realised it wasn’t for me – well, not at the moment anyway.

Instead of taking the leap and fully pursuing my own business, I trusted my gut and took a job at a digital agency which has turned out to be nothing short of a dream. In just a couple of months, I’ve achieved and experienced things I never thought I could do, teaching me that I’m much braver and more capable than I give myself credit for.

Although one day, I might want to retry the whole ‘starting my own business thing’, for the foreseeable future I’m staying where I am and my professional goals for 2017 mainly revolve around improving my current performance.

  • Become a PPC whizz. I work alongside someone who is nothing short of a PPC genius and I want to spend this year learning independently and soaking up his knowledge.
  • Learn how to create and edit videos. Because it’s the future of digital marketing – see my 2017 digital predictions post for more info.
  • Learn how to take compliments. Like most women, when I’m told I’ve done a good job I recoil into myself and do the whole self deprecating thing which gets you absolutely nowhere. If you want to advance, you have to be able to recognise and acknowledge your achievements earnestly.
  • Hone my pitching skills. I’m a fairly confident when it comes to presentations and public speaking but have recently found myself getting a bit unnecessarily jittery – which I’d like to quickly iron out.
  • Spend an hour every day reading a learning one new digital marketing skill or technique every single day.
  • Leave work at the office. This year I put an insane amount of pressure on myself, at the detriment to my health. This year I’ll work hard, but I won’t be doing anymore 12 hour days.

Personal goals for 2017

Again, 2016 was a pretty good year for me personally. I’m incredibly lucky to be surrounded by people I love and financially secure enough not to lie awake at night worrying about paying my bills. I generally feel very content and can honestly say that I don’t have any worries, concerns or anxieties.

That’s not to say my life is perfect – it’s far from it and I obviously have those days where I feel sorry for myself for whatever reason. But, thankfully, I’ve become pretty good at seeing the bigger picture and realising that in the grand scheme of things, in a world where working people are having to queue at fucking food banks, I’m bloody fortunate.

That said – as content as I am, there are still a few things I’d like to do for myself this year.

  • Delete Snapchat. Although I love it from a digital marketing point of view, I have wasted so many hours watching vapid make up tutorials.
  • Read even more. Last year I read 28 books which I felt was pretty good going. This year, I want to top it and hit the big 3-0.
  • Talk less, listen more. My other half recently pointed out that when I come home from work, I spend an hour talking non-stop about my day without even asking how he is. So this year, I vow not to be so self-absorbed and to really listen to others. I’m lucky to be surrounded by some incredibly intelligent people so I’m going to seize the opportunity to absorb all their smarts.
  • Go on four holidays this year. Because life’s too fucking short.
  • Stop eating meat.
  • Start eating more in general.
  • Take up a new hobby. I’ve recently signed up for an abstract art class which I’m really looking forward to.
  • Buy less clothes. This year I spent an absolute fortune on clothes – cheap, unethically produced clothes. This year, I’m going to only buy investment pieces which are ethically produced. The same goes for beauty products.
  • Stop taking things so seriously and have more fun.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what your 2017 goals are on Facebook and Twitter.

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