Facebook Advertising Tips You NEED To Know In 2017

facebook ads 2017
Facebook advertising is an amazing way to drive sales and leads for your business. This isn’t news to anyone. We’re all well aware of it by now. In fact, these days it’s hard to find a business that hasn’t dabbled in the art of Facebook advertising at least once or twice and, for most brands it’s a key part of their digital marketing strategy. The thing is, Facebook advertising – as great as it is,
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5 Reasons Why Brands Need To Start Influencer Marketing RIGHT NOW

I’m kind of obsessed with influencer marketing. As a marketeer, I think it’s the coolest trend that’s emerged since the beginning of my career. It represents an entirely new way for brands to connect with their audience And as a consumer, I find influencer campaigns to be one million times more engaging than flicking through boring static glossy ad filled pages in magazines. I watch at least two hours of You
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