9 Reasons Why You Should Guest Blog

Have you ever considered guest blogging?

I know, I know – it seems like just another arduous task to add to your never ending to do list. It’s hard enough to write regular content for your own blog, never mind spending more time contributing to another publisher.

But, guest blogging has a number of great benefits. It’s something I do regularly, mainly for my day job, and the results and outcomes have been hugely advantageous. I also kind of started out by guest blogging. Back six years ago when I was just a wee baby fashion blogger, before I had the confidence to create my own site, I was constantly emailing other websites and channels asking if I could write for them. I aimed high too; I pretty much badgered the online editors at Elle UK and Vogue on a weekly basis to let me contribute. Oh, to be that naive!

Doing all that hounding and writing did pay off, though. I landed a few sweet gigs from it and built up a pretty impressive portfolio which eventually helped me in securing my first real life big girl journalism job.

Below, I’m going to outline what, in my experience, have been the main benefits of guest blogging.

9 Reasons Why You Should Guest Blog

1. Becoming part of a community

Guest blogging on other websites, especially in my current job as a Digital Marketing Manager, has allowed my to find my place within that industry. I’ve learned a lot more about my career and everything I am able to do and I’ve developed new skills by commenting and discussing topics with other people like me.

2. Make powerful connections

By contributing to sites that are esteemed in your industry, it will help you to connect with people who run these channels and other influencers who may open doors to new career opportunities in the future.

3. To be seen as an influencer yourself

If you contribute to enough good sites and your name keeps appearing as an author on great articles, people will start to remember who you are and eventually view you as a thought leader due to the wealth of content you are able to contribute.

4. Increase your following

As a knock on effect from the last point, if people are a fan of your posts and continue to see your writing everywhere they turn, you will soon see your blog and social media following increase, as you will create fans who want to connect with you and stay updated with your work. Tip: put direct links to your social profiles in your bio on every site you contribute to. This will make it easier for people to follow you.

5. You get yourself in front of an already established audience

If you’re having trouble growing your fan base on your own blog and social media channels, putting yourself in front of the fans of other websites will help you to collect a few more of your own.

6. The SEO benefits

Guest blogging does wonders for your SEO – especially if you are able to get a backlink to your blog in your post or even in your bio. Backlinks are one of three bedrocks of SEO (the other two being website optimisation and content for query). Link juice will increase your Domain Authority and give your website more power.

It’s not just about backlinks though, it is suggested that Google’s search algorithm is just as favourable to anchor text; simply having your website/brand name mentioned on another powerful website will help your SEO.

7. To become a better writer

The only way to become a better writer is to write and write often. Forcing yourself to create more content will help enhance your skills and also, I find, that the added pressure of being on a website alongside other great writers, forces me to up my game and produce the best work possible.

8. You find your voice

By seeing your writing on a website where many other writers contribute, you will start to notice differences and recognise your own voice. In a world where two million blog posts are published each day, it’s important to stand out and offer something that no one can find anywhere else. The best way to be individual isn’t necessarily about what you say, it’s how you say it, so having a defined voice will stand in your favour.

9. To stay up to date with your industry

As I mentioned back in point 7 – when you write for other websites, you always want to produce your best work. In order to produce a really well-written piece of content, you’ll need to carry out research and this will help you stay in a state of constant learning, as you keepĀ up to date with industry news and read more about the history and theory.


If you have any questions about how to guest blog – where to find websites and tips for getting results, I’ll be publishing an advice piece later this week. But if you have any questions in the mean time, hit me up!

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