Facebook Page Likes – Why They DO Matter & Tips To Increase Them

You’ve heard it before: Facebook Page Likes don’t matter. There are a lot of articles out there on the subject. In fact, I myself have written some pretty harsh posts about how counting your Facebook Fans is just a vanity metric that’s not indicative of your actual success.   However, I am now going to do something which is extremely uncharacteristic of me as a stubborn know-it-all – I am going to get
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How A Local Irish Business Woman Used Snapchat To Sell Out Within Minutes

I freaking love Snapchat. That’s no secret. I think it’s the most creative, dynamic and innovative of all social media channels. The thing I love most about Snapchat is seeing how businesses use it effectively as a marketing channel. I follow 123 Snapchat accounts (yep, I know, that’s a lot) and among those are a shit ton of incredible business people whose Snapchat game is on point. Last night, however, I w
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How To Be Good At Social Media – 8 Qualities You Need

I have a friend who runs a pretty successful business and is currently looking for someone to manage his social media channels. And because my job involves a lot of social media (and probably because I’m obviously all wise and stuff), he asked for my advice on how to find the right person for the job. But the thing is, I really didn’t know how to answer. Social media management is a fairly new career a
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Should I Run Facebook Ads For My Blog?

“Should I Run Facebook Ads For My Blog?” Most bloggers I know are fed up with Facebook. And I get it – it can be a big, fat pain in the ass. You spend hours creating a genius piece of content that you’re really, super proud of with gorgeous pictures, expertly formatted and spell-checked to perfection. You hit publish and share the link on Facebook. Results: it reaches a grand total of 5% o
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How To Get A Magazine Journalism Job

how to be a magazine journalist
When I was 19 I made the insane decision to drop out of university. I use the word ‘insane’ because there is quite frankly, no other word to describe it. I was doing pretty well studying translation at uni in Edinburgh and during the summer holidays, I got the notion into my head that I wanted to be a magazine journalist. It was something I’d always dreamt of doing and after an evening alone with
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