Facebook Advertising Tips You NEED To Know In 2017

facebook ads 2017
Facebook advertising is an amazing way to drive sales and leads for your business. This isn’t news to anyone. We’re all well aware of it by now. In fact, these days it’s hard to find a business that hasn’t dabbled in the art of Facebook advertising at least once or twice and, for most brands it’s a key part of their digital marketing strategy. The thing is, Facebook advertising – as great as it is,
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A Guide To Funny Content Marketing – Why It Works And How To Pull It Off

Everyone loves a laugh… “There is nothing in the world more irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour.” Charles Dickens said that. And apparently he knows a thing or two about writing. Humour is a powerful tool. In the world of content marketing and social media, injecting humour into your strategy is a great way to grab attention, give your brand some personality and engage your audience on ano
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Facebook Page Likes – Why They DO Matter & Tips To Increase Them

You’ve heard it before: Facebook Page Likes don’t matter. There are a lot of articles out there on the subject. In fact, I myself have written some pretty harsh posts about how counting your Facebook Fans is just a vanity metric that’s not indicative of your actual success.   However, I am now going to do something which is extremely uncharacteristic of me as a stubborn know-it-all – I am going to get
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How To Be Good At Social Media – 8 Qualities You Need

I have a friend who runs a pretty successful business and is currently looking for someone to manage his social media channels. And because my job involves a lot of social media (and probably because I’m obviously all wise and stuff), he asked for my advice on how to find the right person for the job. But the thing is, I really didn’t know how to answer. Social media management is a fairly new career a
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13 Facebook Marketing Tips To Boost Engagement

facebook marketing tips
Time to read this post: 5 minutes. I love Facebook. Of all the social platforms on the entire planet; it’s my absolute favourite. Probably because it was my first (excusing the fleeting dalliance with Bebo back in the heinous days of 2006). I spend a lot of time on Facebook personally (*cough* stalking *cough*) and professionally. I love discovering new features and techniques and experimenting with new posting
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