How A Local Irish Business Woman Used Snapchat To Sell Out Within Minutes

I freaking love Snapchat. That’s no secret. I think it’s the most creative, dynamic and innovative of all social media channels.

The thing I love most about Snapchat is seeing how businesses use it effectively as a marketing channel. I follow 123 Snapchat accounts (yep, I know, that’s a lot) and among those are a shit ton of incredible business people whose Snapchat game is on point.

Last night, however, I witnessed what I’d probably call the most impressive use of Snapchat yet…

I saw a local business woman break the internet Kylie Jenner Lip Kit style with a product that started selling out everywhere within minutes, thanks to her savvy use of this social channel.

Her name is Jennifer Rock – aka The Skin Nerd.


I started following Jennifer, an Irish skincare specialist, about a month ago after she was recommended by numerous other prevalent Snapchatters.

As her username infers, this lady knows everything there is to know about skincare and gives out useful in-depth advice and tips on a daily basis. She’s an award winning beauty therapist and currently works for Renaissance Products who distribute IMAGE Skincare, GENOSYS needling devices and YonKa skincare.

She is also the owner of an interesting little device called the Cleanse Off Mitt. This is a reusable microfibre cosmetic mitt designed to remove makeup and oil from the skin. It’s stocked in pharmacies and beauty salons around Ireland.


After giving a few demos of the mitt and talking about it on her Snapchat account, buzz has been brewing for the product among Jennifer’s tens of thousands of followers; who wanted to know where they could get their hands on it immediately.

Last night, the buzz reached fever pitch as Jennifer started providing stockist information on Snapchat, the mitt started selling out everywhere – within minutes.

Every time she pointed towards a new stockist, followers would flock to the websites and buy in their hundreds.

Eventually, Jennifer had to ask her followers if they knew of anywhere else the mitt was being sold. She would post website, after website and pharmacy after pharmacy, all selling out faster than the last.

It was amazing to see and as the excitement grew, I too started feeling the desperate need to get my mitts on that mitt  – yup, even us marketeers are not immune to the powers of a good bit of social media buzz.

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How Did She Do It? And What Can We Learn?

There are a few things that I believe contributed to Jennifer’s Snapchat triumph and lead to her Cleanse Off Mitt selling out so quickly.

The Product

As with all good marketing, success begins and ends with the product. A good salesperson can sprinkle glitter on a turd and convince people to buy it but for a quick buck, but when the glitter washes away and you’re left with nothing but poo, those customers aren’t going to come back for more.

So your product needs to be good and the cleanse off mitt is without doubt a fab invention, perfectly priced at around £5 – such a bargain, it would be rude not to purchase, right?

And Jennifer didn’t just talk about how great the Cleanse Off Mitt is, with a business-like sales pitch, she showed her followers with compelling demos. She used it herself to illustrate how gently, yet effectively it removed a full face of makeup and then simply rinsed it with soap to demonstrate how no stains or residue were left on the mitt after use. After that, I was sold.

On top of this, Jennifer also frequently shares client testimonials, reposting pictures that happy customers have sent to her – further convincing me and thousands of others that we need this item in our lives.


The second element here is trust. Jennifer has built a lot of trust among her Snapchat followers and has garnered a reputation as the most knowledgeable skin care specialist on the block.

If you have a question about acne, breakouts, pigmentation, spots or treatments etc, you can be guaranteed she knows the answers.

Despite the fact that ‘The Skin Nerd’ is just a hobby for Jennifer, she dedicates so much time to carrying out informative Snaptchat Q and A sessions on a Sunday, helping hundreds of people with their skin related queries.

Through her social media channels, she gives her followers so much value in terms of information, advice and education and that’s why she gets the same amount of value back with regards to sales for her product.


Another thing that Jennifer has going for her is an infectious personality. She’s just awesome to follow, she’s full of energy and positivity. The lady is cray, cray – I often feel like I need to lie down in quiet room after watching her stories.

This makes her memorable and keeps people coming back for more.


Through her full time job working for Renaissance Products and IMAGE skincare, Jennifer has won herself a number of ‘celebrity’ fans. She’s often seen ‘guest starring’ on the accounts of other popular Irish Snapchatters such as Pippa O’Connor, Tara MakeUp and Ellen from Waxperts – all of whom have considerable audiences.

As each of these ‘influencers’ recommend or mention Jennifer and her mitt, her reach grows exponentially and more potential customers flock to her.

No Strategy

Finally, and most notably, I believe the crucial factor here is that none of this is contrived. Seeing Jennifer’s true amazement and joy as the mitt sells out, proved to me and her other followers that this was unplanned and unexpected.

This wasn’t a strategy, carefully created to increase sales – she just has a really great product that she believes in and is honestly passionate about. This endeared her further to me and thousands of others.

That kind of transparency and frankness is something that businesses everywhere can learn from.

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