Make Up Artists – How to Get More Clients With Facebook Marketing

If you’ve every tried to pursue a career as a make up artists you’ll know that it’s TOUGH.

It’s tough to stand out in such a competitive industry. It’s tough to create a unique identity for yourself and it’s tough to market yourself online and on social media.

Recently I have received a ton of enquiries from make up artists who want a little but of help when it comes to digital marketing, promoting themselves online and creating social media strategies that help boost their brands and gain clients.

So, to help I thought I’d write a complete guide to Facebook marketing for make up artists.

Why Facebook? 

Well, there are two reasons. One – the vast majority of enquiries I get from MUAs are about Facebook and Two – from experience, it’s the channel where make up artists see most success in terms of getting real clients and growing their business.

What will I learn in this manual?

This manual is a COMPLETE guide to Facebook ¬†marketing. I’ll show you how to create a Facebook marketing strategy, how to post content that reaches millions of people, how do Facebook advertising properly, how to set a Facebook advertising budget, how to measure the performance of your effort and how to constantly grow and improve.

Why should I get this manual?

This is the ONLY guide online which is written and created FOR make up artists. The tips, tricks and advice is specific to YOUR industry. It’s written in language that relates to YOU, it has examples that you’ll be familiar with. And – once you’ve read it, I’ll offer you a full hour of free support to answer any questions you might have.



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