Should I Start A Blog?

Should I Start A Blog?

This week, I’ve read a few articles and listened to a few brilliant podcasts with successful bloggers, talking about how they started out.

On top of that, I’ve also received a few messages and met a few girls asking if they should start a blog, so I thought I would put a post together to answer that question as comprehensively as possible because blogging is something I’m hugely passionate about and I think after six years in the game (the ‘game’? Pah! who am I?!) I think I’ve formed a pretty solid opinion on it all.

Before I begin

I think most people who ask this question or even just ponder it, know the answer is yes. If the thought is fluttering about in your brain and you’re brave enough to ask someone if it’s a good idea, you probably know that it’s something you want to do. Like most times in life, when you want to do something, you ask for advice just to verbalise the thought and maybe get permission or affirmation.

But I’ll not get all ‘behavioral psychology’ on yo’ ass and just answer the damn question.

My  Answer

My answer to that question is always yes. Why not? You have nothing to lose. It’s win, win. Either you’ll discover that you love blogging and your blog becomes a huge success, or you discover it’s not for you and you can move onto something else.

The amount of time and effort can also be a deterrence for some people, but to be honest, I just think that’s an excuse, as blogging takes up only as much time as you grant it. Sure you’ll see bloggers posting ten times a day, but don’t let that pressure get to you. Your shit, is your shit and anyway, in the blogging world, it’s quality over quantity every single time.


If that answer is enough to satisfy you then great! Go start a blog immediately. If on the other hand, you’re still teetering on the edge of being totally convinced by that very convincing argument, then please consider the below.

You should start a blog if:

  • You’re interested in a subject and have something to say.
  • You like writing.
  • You want a new hobby.
  • You think what you’re writing about could help people.
  • You want to meet people (some of my best friendships have been made through blogging).
  • You want to socialise more (there are so many blogging events).
  • You want to change career (blogging on a certain industry or topics can be a road to a job in that direction).

You should not start a blog if:

  • You’re doing it because you want to become famous.
  • You want to become rich.
  • You want to create a blog that makes fun or someone or something or is any way hateful.

So those are my thoughts on starting a blog and as you can see, I pretty much think it’s the best idea in almost all instances. And like I said, if you’re pondering the question, you already know it’s a great idea – you just want another post confirming the notion and giving you the motivation to put yourself out there and do it.

If that’s the case, I hope this did the job.


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