Weekly Highs

This week has been a good’un.

Work has been good, relationships are good, my dog is good, health is good. Life has been generally pretty good over the past seven days.

The strange thing is though, when I tried to look back on the highlights I found it hard to think of any. But that’s life, eh; sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down, but most of the time you’re living somewhere in the middle.

However, I am absolutely determined to keep this weekly feature going, so I’ve tried really hard to pick through my brain to select some of the best moments.

12966162_10153952374261352_1149240532_nSunday Brunch

I’m actually quite embarrassed to admit this but at the weekend, getting up before 12pm is early for me. Sean and I stay up pretty late watching movies and stupid YouTube videos as the weekend, so we take a gooood long lie in on a Saturday and Sunday.

But this Sunday, we somehow managed to wake up at the crack of dawn (*cough 11am *cough*), so we thought we’d celebrate this uncommon occurrence by going for actual brunch, like fancy people do.

We went to Le Petit Ormeau and I had the eggs benedict and they were the best eggs benedict I’ve ever had, even though I’d never had eggs benedict before. After that, because we’d had a middle class morning, we decided to go to Ikea because that’s also what middle class people do. It was a lovely Sunday.


I fucking love running12992130_10153952374371352_1036358539_n

This week will go down in history as the week that I discovered that I actually love running.

We live really close to Ormeau Park and because it’s a bit brighter in the evenings, I decided that I should probably take advantage of it by going for a run – my first run in eight years, I should add.

I assumed that I would probably collapse after 30 seconds but I surprised myself by being able to do a whole 5k. And I felt amazing afterwards. I felt all strong and powerful and I had a really great sense of clarity that I usually can only get through meditating.

The only thing is that my knees have been aching all week and I’m going to have to increase my calorie intake, as I already do a shit-ton of cardio (I walk for two hours) and I do not want to lose any more weight. But I’m not making any excuses. I am going to keep this up. Running will be my new thing, GODDAMMIT.

Public Speaking

Today (Sunday 10th April), I’m speaking at a very exciting event called “Let’s Talk, Business, Beauty and Blogging”, organised by Jutox, in the Europa Hotel, Belfast. I’m giving some digital marketing and social media advice for bloggers and small businesses and although I’m kinda shitting my pants about getting up on a stage, I’m really looking forward to it.

This time last year, for some reason, I made a promise to myself that by the end of 2015 I was going to do some public speaking. And strangely, through many unexpected coincidences and just putting myself out there, I spoke at my first ever event in November last year.

I had never spoken in front of people before and I am a SUPER shy person, but I bloody loved it and it went so well that I’ve ended up being booked for appearances and events continuously since then and I’m hoping it becomes and even more regular part of my job.

After tomorrow’s event, I’m hoping to write up a blog post about it AND for anyone who is interested, I’ll also be putting my talk and powerpoint on here. So stay tuned!

Thanks for reading. I hope you had a great week too!


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